A City with No Roads in Giethoorn, Netherlands

A mini paradise for peace lovers, and this is the second chance if one could rewrite their fate to be born or live in such an awesome, charming, mesmerizing village of Netherlands. It is a town in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands with a population of 3,000 approximately.

Have you ever imagined about a place without roads? If you have not, today we are going to see about a place where there is no roads no vehicles and no pollution. This reminds me of something very hilarious that is main reason for the pollution all over the world is having roads isn’t it? So will about a town not a normal town it is a water town. There are so many what towns around the world in them most popular one is Italy’s Venice. Almost all the people who knows about the Italy will surely know the beauty of Venice. But do you know there are some other beautiful places that are similar to Venice? Like a fairy tale, too beautiful to be a real scenario.

Giethroon is a water town in Northern Holland or Overijsselโ€˜s province ofย  Netherlands. This town has very low population withย  3,000 people along with nearly 1,100 houses. In a very fine day you can see 500 to 600 boats travelling within the city. Surrounded with nature the only thing you can hear will be the quacking of ducks or birdsong. Other than that it is a very quietย  clean and peaceful town. You can see boat-filled waterways, bicycle trails, and thatched roof cottages small canals and farmhouses too.

The life in Giethroon is so beautiful as its landscapes are still green. It is hard to believe a such type of life existing in this modern era. Giethroon has nickname called “Dutch Venice” in other words Giethoorn is small Venice in Netherlands but from my opinion is that it cannot be compared to none the places in the world moreover it is so pure, authentic & so natural. The loudest sound you will ever hear there is quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds – how awesome, isn’t it?!

This village is mostly depend on waterways and you can hardly reach a place by walking or cycling, even the posts are delivered in a punt. This village has an absolute calmness as it has no voice pollution. But they too have some wooden bridges that are managed by some civilians and they have a fire fighting boat too.

The name of this village has a very long history back to 13th centuryย where over the first settlers of this village the farmers found so many wild Goat Horns, that are suspected to be died in the flood 1170 of years. So Goat Horn or Geytenhoren derived into Giethroon. Near this village we get De Weerribben-Wieden National Park, you can travel here by waterway on rowboats and canoes, of course, or by the many hiking paths to explore the beauty of nature without any hassle.

Netherlands capital is Amsterdam there are train services and its a one and half hour of journey where you will reach to Steenwijk station from there you can get to bus number 70 which will take you directly to Giethroon. Then to explore the village you get small boats and cruises, local skippers are there to guide you if you want. Once they had 90 km of canoe trails experience in motorboat services but now they have electric motor boats that are known as Whisper Boats.

Moreover you get three canal side museums (If you are a fancy ancient history and artifacts, there are three canal-side museums worth visiting) some restaurants, cafes and Schreur shipyard, where the Giethoorn punt is built. You can have pleasant leisure time in this restaurants. If you like walking or cycling , footpaths beside these canals are perfect for them. If you love fishing you can have fun in that too.

Seasons and Weather in Giethoorn starts with:
Summers (June to September) The summers are actually sweet here with average highs in the low 70s and long sunny days to make your tour a fulfilling one. During September you could Rains throughout the month.
Winters (October to February) The winters can be quite chilly here making this season an off season to visit Giethoorn.
Spring (March to May)ย With temperatures on the rise, this is also a good time to visit Giethoorn.

Earlier on this town saw very less tourist every year, and it helped maintain the peace and serenity of the town. But now because of increased tourist attraction it has the risk of loosing the charm of Giethroon.

Geithoorn is ultimately the best destination for travelers and a paradise for peace lovers.

by Zulaiha Ziyard