Cheap and Best Gotu Kola Drink

Every day is new opportunity you got! Likewise it’s really a good option to make it healthy whenever possible.

In Sri Lanka it’s a practice to drink Ceylon Tea with or without milk in a daily routine life. Some of you may even get bored to drink the standard flavor always. If so, there is new option you can try in Sri Lanka – that’s Gotu Kola Drink.

Gotu Kola is a name of herb and an easily grown green vegetable leaves in Sri Lanka. Rest of the world may call it as Pennywort or Centella Asiatica herbal plant.

It’s a common cuisine in a Sri Lankan meal. apart from that let’s come into the topic about making a healthy drink easily at home with a readymade Gotu Kola drink available in almost every shops and supermarkets labelled and marketted as Link Gotkola Tea. It comes in porous Tea bags containing 1.5g of natural Gotu Kola. 100% natural and No flavour, colors, additives added. It’s benefits are Intake of this herbal tea enhances mental alertness and memory, reduces mental stress and fatigue and promotes restful sleep. It also reduces swelling of joints and prevents cellulites, relieves pain due to varicose veins and hemorrhoids and helps to maintain a healthy skin and complexion.

Let’s now see how to prepare it:

  1. Take a glass of Hot water
  2. Take a Tea bag and drop in the glass.
  3. Let it soak well for 3-5 minutes and take it out.
  4. Take half Lemon and squeeze into the glass.
  5. Stire well and strain if you wish.

NOTE: Give it a break every three days. It’s good practice to give break for any food or drinks you continue. If in case of harm, your body needs to heal.

That’s all – done, have it every day at evening times and feel the healthy boost.