Remedy in Sri Lanka for Eczema in Private Parts

Eczema (also known as Dermatitis) is a fungal inflammation of the skin, this type of disease will last minimum 2 – 3 months or may continue up to years. Never expect to cure it soon. It takes months to cure. Never under estimate this disease just as simple one because Eczema could infect in any place of your body therefore it will spread within your body or with your close contacts if you leave it without treatment.

Genital eczema or Eczema in genital area can cause embarrassment because the area is intensely itchy, leading to scratching and sleeples night. Further you can become mentally stressful thinking while you are with your partner. That’s why this post would be helpful to cure it discreetly.

This is also referred as Yeast infection and the Eczema is a fungal infection, though we just call it Eczema as common, it is mainly categorized into Mild Eczema and Acute Eczema but it has been classified into several types of diesease example Tinea Cruris, Atopic eczema, Seborrhoeic dermatitis, Allergic contact eczema and Irritant contact eczema. Sometimes Eczema is named according to the places it infects or occur.

Eczema could occur as Pimples (or Blisters like thing) or Patches in the infected area.

1. One must use this below mentioned medication for at least two weeks. Never keep changing the medicine (cream or ointment) every week because It takes time at least 2 weeks to cure or adopt to fight against your infection so you cannot be too early to decide for changing the cream. Use the same Terbinaforce Cream upto two weeks though if is not answering.
2. This is a handcrafted medicine. Doctors may not be helpful since they follow the formulated of the pre instructed medicines. Eczema remedy or treatment differs from people to people.

THIS REMEDY IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL WITH ADULTS. It is recommended to Consult a doctor for Children.

If you have genital eczema, it is not always possible to discover the cause, although sometimes it can be due to a contact allergy or sexual transmitted infection. 

It is highly recommended to consult a Dermatologist doctor to accurately identify your type of Eczema infection or you may follow below mentioned  most ideal common treatment solution according to the medicines available at the Pharmacies in Sri Lanka. 

Most of the Dermatology Doctors initially recommend or prescribe patients to use Beprosone, Travocort creams or few other topical steroids, antibiotic and anti fungal creams or ointments are prescribed for infection, but those are not so efficient as Terbinaforce Cream – this is the FINEST and Most reviewed treatment followed up.

FOLLOW THIS TREATMENT 3 TIMES IN A DAY (specially in the Morning, Afternoon & at Night).

1. Apply “Apple Cider Vinegar” (scrub with cotton slowly for 5 – 10 minutes and Wash the affected area with “Dettol Original” Soap afterwards.
2. Dry the infected area after Washing.
3. Now Apply “Terbinaforce Cream” (Rx Terbinafine Cream 1.0% w/w).
4. Drink the “Terbinaforce Tablet” (Rx Terbinafine tablet USP 250mg) – Every Night after Meals.Β *Not to continue more than Two weeks.Β **Not adviced During Pregency; may skip the Tablet intake.Β 
5. Finally Rub the Applied Cream in the infected area for few minutes till the skin absorbs the cream.

If this is not answering or no any visible improvement in 3 days as expected, mix:”Fuson Cream” (Rx Fucidic Acid Cream BP 2% w/w) at 1:1 equal proportion with Terbinaforce cream to make much strong during high infection itchy times.

1. Apply Morison’s “Lacto Calamine” powder for soft and smoother skin. Never use cosmetic or chemical powders.
2. Keep it moisurized with “Vaseline Original” Petroleum Gel most of your spare time or at your play time.
All these treatmemt solutions are completely safe to use in all skin conditons and private parts. 

1. If the Fungal infection (Eczema) is highly affected in particular area in your body, it is recommended to Take Tablet as well. Applying Cream outside will not be sufficient or powerful while the infection is heavy inside your body. Therefore treatment must be followed Internally and Externally as well.
2. Keep your self clean by taking body wash at least two times in a day. 
3. This fungal infection will spread within your body or with your close contacts if you leave it without treatment. Therefore be warned about Couples engaging to Intimate. 
4. Wash your Clothes seperately away from your loved ones or kids. Maintain an extra cleanliness and hygiene lifestyle till cure.
5. Keep your Immune Sytem strong by taking Vitamin C anytime in a day for few weeks. This would help healing your infected wound.
6. Wash the affected area with “Dettol Original” Soap many times in a day. Never use other cosmetic or chemical soap.
7. Never let the infected area to Sweat or Moist. 


Never Get Fed up or Lose Hope to repeat the treatment since it would be stressful to follow up.