The Dirty Truth About Coca-Cola is Exposed

If anything can be an addiction in tastes mean, for sure beverages will hold the first place specifically soft drinks. Soft drinks have a very long history and the medieval Middle East invented this using preservative fruits. Along with the time it started growing and today we have more than thousands of soft drink companies around the world.

Many health enthusiastic people are already well aware that beverages like Coke are making people obese, as soda is sweetened with high levels Fructose corn syrup to keep the drink addictive. Fructose and Carbonated Waters are the actually the primary source of calories in the beverages.

From a health perspective, drinking Coke or any soft drink is a disaster. Just one extra can of soda per day can add as much as 15 pounds to your weight over the course of a single year.

DID YOU KNOW? Coca-Cola company spends close to $3 billion annually for advertising agencies including News Agencies. With that huge amount of money it’s no wonder Coca Cola has managed to hold on to its wholesome reputation worldwide. Apart from the marketing aspect, the Coke company has huge donation plans to in a year to WHO, other governmental institutions to keep close bonding relationships to ensure Coke brand a safe name.

Among this Coca-Cola or Coke is one world famous multinational company that has a fame and name for it’s own. Coca-Cola is invented by a pharmacist John Smith Pemberton in 1886 at Atlanta, Georgia. It is started as a company in 1892. Now as a soft drink Coca-Cola is considered as one of the best selling product though people know it affects your health. It’s a thought that is neglected.

It does not mean that Pepsi and other popular brands are healthy, this is the exact lie that the Coke company has taken up the challenge to brainwash every people to drink their substandard product which is not suitable for human health.

When we think about the reason behind this liking there is only one factor we have to consider that is the main ingredient of this soft drinks that is soda. Soda is a carbonated water that is mixed along with alcohol or fruit drinks to consume. They are mixed her as they give a very addicting flavour that is delicious. And soda is a kind of mixture that makes you get addicted once you started drinking it.

When it get mixed with soft drinks they create some caffeine which makes hard for you to come out of that habit. This brings two addiction that are caffeine and soda. But these beverages are less expensive than milk and fruit juices and they are the best thirst killers. When a person quench in thirst they like drinking soda but in reality it is one worst time to drink as it contains high level of acid in it. Soda’s acid leave is enough for you to wash your teeth clean.

Moreover soda cans are coated with BPA (endocrine disruptor bisphenol A) which can create obesity, heart problems and reproductive problems. Along with that caramel colour ofΒ  soda can create Cancer as it is not made with sugar, it is made by reacting sugar with ammonia and sulfates in high temperature and pressure. This can cause lung, liver thyroid cancer or leukemia. And this soda dehydrates your body too, the caffeine in soda create diuretics (any thing that increases the urine production ) because that body cells will get dehydrated all the time which will eventually leads to a difficulty in absorbing nutrition and in last to remove wastes from body.

When it come to Coca-Cola it has more issues than this, soda alone can create this much health affects mean, how much will Coca-Cola well we are going to see them now. And remember WHO (world health organisation ) recommends not more than 6 teaspoons (2.5g) per day for a person. But this Coca-Cola 1 can alone contains 10 teaspoons (37g) of Sugar known as high levels Fructose corn syrup.

Consuming Coca-Cola can bring vitamin deficiency in your body as it doesn’t help you cells to absorb nutrition.

This can spoil your teeth as it contains high level of sugar which leads to destroy your enamel and cavities. As your body is already lacking in vitamins, specifically calcium.

Because of the high level of caffeine in coke it becomes an addiction, that cannot be stopped. When a person tries to stop he will experience headaches, fatigue, depression and irritability.

As Coca-Cola has already have downed your nutritional level, you won’t be having a proper immune system which can affect your health to deal with a obesity issue because lack of calcium can cause week joints and bone problems.
The next issue you can face is getting a skin issue such as eczema, skin aging making it saggy and full. Moreover it makes your skin very dry, itchy, inflamed skin and acne.

So Coke spreads happiness? In reality, it sounds like they’re spreading diabetes and poor gut health to me. And on that subject; Did you know scientists are finding that most of your β€˜happiness’ actually comes from your delicate gut microbiota? The very thing that Coke actively destroys? I swear this is the biggest mass brainwashing known to man.Vishen Lakhiani

Coca-Cola increases the risk of heart diseases, such as heart attack and high blood pressure. The zero sugar coke can cause you kidney failure as it contains artificial sweeteners. Cell damage that can affect the vital parts of your DNA. And I have mentioned already it can cause cancer too.

So to sum up, COKE IS JUST A EVIL DRINK and not a healthy beverage at all. Specially Coca-Cola is not a beverage at all that you can consider to drink. We live in a world where everything thing is corrupted and getting destroyed. The least thing we can leave for our next generation is the health of their body. Which is given by us. So at least the DNA we are providing should be strong enough to survive this cruel world.

By Zulaiha Ziyard