How to Call, Chat or Block an Unsaved Contact on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has spread like Covid-19 infection in 20th century where one who owns a smartphone definitely had installed and using WhatsApp application. Anyone whoever educated or uneducated would never face any difficulty to establish a WhatsApp Call or a Chat. So much that mobile application had involved in daily life.

Apart from the above blah blahs, we sometimes had to send a Message or Call to an Unsaved Phone number instantly to someone; in that case we got to save that particular phone number and get into WhatsApp.

To avoid that difficultly WhatsApp has a feature that enable anyone to start a Chat, Call or Block on WhatsApp.

Copy and paste below link on your notes :

Once you click on the above link you it will take you to WhatsApp messenger app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

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