The All New “5G Messages” service Replaces SMS/MMS

5g messages

Most of the mobile carriers in China held an online press conference regarding to jointly introduce “5G Messages” services instead of the conventional SMS/MMS service.

5G Messages is the all new service that enables user to send message without Character limitation and it supports content rich Multimedia formats like Audio, Images, Emojis, Videos and few attachments. It supports Offline Messages along with Message statuses, Reports and History Management.

Definitely this upgrade would be a revolutionary feature we shouldn’t miss. 5G Messages enables everyone or all smartphone users to share content rich chatting capabilities even if you didn’t have an Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp or IMO.

Prominent mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunication providers joint hands to bring this feature a standard in every smartphones replacing the standard Messages services.

5G Messages won’t cost too much since it uses your standard Data plans you already have been using with your connection.

5G Messages service or app which is built-in the smartphone will have a Brand New User Interface design unlike the traditional text message app in your smartphone. Many companies will have their own UI looks and tweaks.

It is noted that the leading smartphone providers like Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, ZTE, Meizu and Lenovo has participated and has already been working on it. Huawei has commenced testing since April 10 and expect to release public on or during mid of June.